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Facilitating advanced development and learning, our daycare has developed a creative learning process, including an art center, block area, science area, math time, music time and pretend time.

About Advanced Learning Center

Infant Programs, Toddler Programs, Preschool, Before and After School Care, Enrichment and Summer Camp Programs in Louisville, Kentucky

Our curriculum has been planned for children with the goal of helping them in their mental, emotional, social and physical development. The Advanced Learning Center staff have developed a well-rounded program of guided free play, structured class time, special guests and field trips that aid us in accomplishing our goals with the children. It is our philosophy that children need to have fun while they learn. We use a nationally recognized curriculum with the children in all classes, from our infant room through Pre-School.

As part of Advanced Learning Center's philosophy and research, we know that young children learn primarily through play. In our nurturing environment, teachers plan and incorporate activities into the child's daily care that provide opportunities for children to work and play together, have the freedom to try new ideas, use their imagination and practice various skills appropriate for their age group. Through various success-oriented developmentally appropriate activities we establish a caring atmosphere that combines with our structured curriculum to help children develop a positive self-image, sense of independence, and self-discipline. At Advanced Learning Center we strive to create opportunities for every child to grow and develop vital skills necessary for the rest of their lives.

We view our childcare facility as a teaching tool. Our learning space has been carefully designed to delight, intrigue and stimulate the mind of a young learner. All the classrooms in the Advanced Learning Center are divided into specific learning areas such as Language and Circle Time, Blocks and Creativity and an Arts area. Our learning center allows children to discover and marvel at the wonders of the world around them.

During the Pretend Time children play make-believe games that stimulate their creativity and social skills. In these sessions children try new careers, learn sharing skills, make friends and express themselves using a variety of different emotions.

In our Art Center, children experience art through the creative freedom of touching, feeling, pulling, twisting, tearing, pasting, bending, scraping, cutting, pounding, shaping, and working with a variety of art media. In this center, your child will be learning about various relationships, developing observation skills, and learning the process and skills of logical thinking.

The Block Area of our facility focuses on the child's hand-eye coordination, helping them to develop and build upon their motor skills, and also allowing them to explore their problem solving skills through a trial and error process. Stacking and counting blocks helps them learn measurement, size, weight and number concepts in a fun and challenging way.

During Music Time, children have the opportunity to use their entire bodies for learning and exploring in the music circle. Music helps children build awareness by listening to, learning, and recognizing many kinds of sounds, and also will help them experience the release and freedom that body movement can offer.

In the Science Area of our center we use hands-on, real-life activities to teach children the basic principles of science. Our goal is to encourage a sense of discovery in your child, making them want to learn more about the world around them.

During Math Time, children learn sorting and counting skills and how to put materials in order and patterns. Math is a critical skill to help your child learn higher-level problem solving and deductive reasoning. Your child will begin to learn basic concepts such as big/little, large/small, same and different.

Advanced Learning Center offers child care services in Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding areas. Services include Infant Care, Toddler Care, Preschool, Before and After School Care, Enrichment and Summer Camp Programs.