Offering infant programs, toddlers programs, pre-school, before and after school care, enrichment programs and summer camp.


Facilitating advanced development and learning, our daycare has developed a creative learning process, including an art center, block area, science area, math time, music time and pretend time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Accidents and Emergencies

    Staff members are trained in First aid and can handle everyday bumps and bruises. Should emergency care be required, parents will be notified immediately. If parents cannot be reached, we will contact those other individuals that you have listed as being authorized as contacts. ALC carries secondary insurance on children enrolled in our center. You will be required to submit a claim to your primary insurance carrier for any accident that occurs on our premises.

  • Holiday Schedule

    ALC will observe the following holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after Christmas and sometimes the day before and/or the day are New Year's Day. In addition, we will close at 3:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. ALC reserves the right to observe or substitute another day in lieu of the holiday if the holiday falls on a weekend. Weekly tuition charges remain the same, even though the center may be closed to observe a holiday.

  • Immunization Policy

    Immunization records must be presented upon enrolling and each time your child receives an immunization shot. The Jefferson County Health Department and state licensing requires ALC to have valid immunization record on-file at all times. Failure to submit valid immunization records will result in your child being dis-enrolled.

  • Illness Policy

    The Cabinet for Health & Family Services has strict regulations regarding sick children and mandates that parents must be contacted immediately if their child has a fever of 101 or higher or shows other signs of illness. Parents must remove their child from the center within one hour of being notified. Your child will not be allowed to attend the center the next day after being sent home. Children should be symptom-free before returning. If your child has a fever or a contagious illness, please make other arrangements for their care until they are completely well.

  • Extended Absenteeism

    Please let us know if your child will not be attending for 2 or more days. If you have subsidized childcare, you will be responsible for paying tuition for absences in excess of five days.

  • Vacations

    You are eligible for two weeks vacation after your child has been enrolled for 6 months. ALC grants a maximum of two weeks vacation per year during which time there is no charge. Your child cannot attend the center while you are scheduled on vacation nor can you carry over unused vacation time.

  • Nap Time

    Each child is expected to rest (sleep when possible) after lunch each day for a period, not to exceed two hours. We encourage parents to discuss. Please feel free to child's nap habits with his/her teacher. At our center we provides sheets and blankets for each child and is responsible for washing them weekly. Pillows can only be accepted if they are small enough to fit in your child's locker. Parents are responsible for washing the pillows weekly. ALC is not responsible for lost or stolen items brought from home.

  • Medication

    Medication can be given to your child only when a Medication Form is prepared and signed by a parent or guardian. Form must be prepared for those children receiving breathing treatments or other physical care, and diaper rashes. We will not administer medication to your child if; (a) The medication form is not completely prepared. (b) The date on the medication is not valid or your child's name does not appear on the medicine label. The required dosage as indicated on the label will be strictly adhered to. We will not administer any over the counter medication or creams to children under the age of two without a physician's written statement. A written consent must be given for us to administer ointment or lotions. Medication cannot remain in the center overnight. Please take all medicine home. STATE LAW PROHIBITS US FROM TAKING VERBAL REQUESTS TO ADMINISTER MEDICINE.

  • Discipline

    Our method of teaching the children self—discipline is to use positive reinforcement and redirection and lots of nurturing. There is no physical punishment or threat of physical punishment. Our staff has frequent communication with parents regarding each child's behavior. Staff gives positive encouragement and teaches the children about making good choices.

Advanced Learning Center offers child care services in Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding areas. Services include Infant Care, Toddler Care, Preschool, Before and After School Care, Enrichment and Summer Camp Programs.